Sold to the highest bidder (The Blind dates)

25 Dec


Blind dates are like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get. I had this friend in high school that was heavy on the dating scene and I was her wing man and her +1. You know the friend you tell all your dirty secrets to and is less likely to judge you, that was me. Most of the time I went so I can experience some of the stories with her but mostly because the guys she was messing with had some friend that she thought would love me to bits. There was love alright, they loved to try to get me out my draws.  I actually met my ex via the hook up. He showered me with love an attention and all way fine and dandy until I realized how crazy, controlling and overbearing he could be. To top it all off HE WAS A CHEATER and had the nerves to accuse me of doing the same. Needless to say our relationship was short lived. He wasn’t the caliber of man I needed or wanted. So.. on to the next I went and that’s how I found my “Endless” Love.

My inexperience, His Gain.

23 Dec


I found this poem online and it reminded me of the first time.

A gleam in her eye,

He knows what it is,

Thought he’d die,

Before a chance like this.

Where does he start,

She’s never done this before,

When its passions of the heart,

She’s still quiet unsure

I realized I wasn’t ready at the moment of penetration. I told my partner and he stepped a way from me and put on his clothes. There was a look of anger in his face. Why was he so angry? He wasn’t the loving man that I once knew. Young and naïve I felt a need to please and wanted to leave him satisfied. As he left my house I called him back. Putting my own feelings to the side I gave him the only thing that was mine, my body. Little did I know this would be the beginning of an endless cycle.

Once he realized he was my first he gave me a long speech about what was to come. I eventually left for college but we remained close. I thought he loved me but our rendezvous lasted longer than our relationship. It took a while before I realized what I was to him. I was the girl with the gleam in her eye, he knew what it was and he thought he would die before he had a chance like this, so he seized the opportunity.


What Women Want

23 Dec

A mans idea of what us women want.

Love is a Battlefield

23 Dec


Love is hard. But anything worthwhile is, right?

Pat Benatar said it best, Love is a battlefield. But is it worth the fight? In my 22 years of living I’ve come across different types of men. Neither of them mentally or emotionally attractive but I digress. Before I tell you about my ongoing battle with love…I’ll tell you about some of the ones I’ve lost in the past.

So today it begins. My experience with Life and Love. All documented for your enjoyment.